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Where Thai Art Thou? Bangkok Beat Bistro Empire Subang

My quest for real good Thai food in Malaysia is really depressing me. It makes me think that all those years frequenting those amazing Thai spots in NYC were all in vain, thinking that was real Thai food. Well, it's pretty darn close. After all I have been to Thailand and have had their pad Thai in the why can't I seem to find the same simple Thai dishes in Malaysia? All I'm asking for is the perfect Pad Thai!!

So this brings me to Bangkok Beat Bistro securely nested on the lower ground floor of Empire Mall in Subang sharing a row with the infamous Serai restaurant. I absolutely love the bistro/simple and rustic decor. Very New York, or very industrial. Unfortunately the food was just half okay. You know how you always test a restaurant by the most simple dish? Like if it's a Chinese place and they can't make a good Chinese fried rice then chances are the rest of the menu sucks?

Sadly, BBB misses the beat on this one. I went on 2 occasions, first was family style with Lamb Shank Massaman curry, papaya salad/Fried Soft Shell Crab, steamed fish with chili and garlic, with sides of white rice. It was pleasant but not exciting nor memorable. Simply meh. Second time, we tried the seafood pad Thai and seafood pineapple fried rice. Now these are staple dishes and are standard in all us -Thai restaurants. If you can't get this right, I really won't eat there. The dishes came colored to the nines.

Masamman Lamb Shank Curry RM20

Yes the pad Thai was a weird redish-orange color and the rice was turmeric-yellow! It reeked of food coloring!!! Why oh why would you destroy such lovely ingredients by dying it? Who is the chef? I had to hold myself back not to run to the kitchen screaming...To say the least, it did not taste any better. It was below par and not worth the RM16 price tag. If anyone has a different experience please let me know. Maybe I got the chef off duty...
Seafood Pad Thai RM16
Yellow Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice anyone? RM15

The only thing that has pleased me here is the coconut drink. Why? They have the regular coconut, yes but another one on the menu is this creamy, coconut shake - absolute yum! Think piƱa colada without the pineapple. I think I'll go back just to get that drink...seriously.

Bangkok Beat Menu:

Spicy Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab RM18.90
Strawberry and Lychee Ice Blend RM10
The only thing they got right - Blended Fresh Coconut RM10


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