Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End of the World, or the beginning of a New one?

So guess what? It's not the end of the world. It just isn't. I didn't think it would be, but I actually thought it was only months ago...when I realized something had to end for something new to begin.

Think about all the toxic, bad things in your life that you let happen to yourself. Think about that moment when it finally kicked you in the gut and awakened your inner soul. It had to kick you real hard in order for you to wake up. You were sleeping a deep sleep.

You let all this nonsense, all this poison seep into your very pores. Why? You felt tolerant perhaps or you felt that you needed to feel pain or misery in order to achieve happiness and acceptance. Truth is you didn't need to suffer. You have the choice. You have the choice to make decisions in your life that are hard in that very moment but you realize later it needed to be done.

I have been reborn. I have let go of toxins and cleansed my world of grief, sadness, misery and self depreciation. I urge you all to do the same - find yourself and ask yourself what you really want. If what you have does not give you what you need, let go of it. Let go of bad friends, bad lovers, bad emotions, bad thoughts.....leave it behind you and look forward with positivity and enlightenment.

With a new year approaching, and ironically It contains the number 13 - do not let that haunt you. Reverse that thought and think of it as a challenge. You make life what you will and wish it to be.

Take the that marathon, take that trip to Europe, go back to school, leave your lover that's no good for you and leave those friends you always knew whispered behind your back. Take 2013 by storm. You can do it. Just do you and love yourself and the world will love you back.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love and Hate KL

It's a love and hate relationship that I have with good old KL. I grew up in this town, and I say town because I have lived in the big city - New York City. You can't really compare the two, but as I start to feel the cold coming on in the city, I was thinking about my little town....

The Positive first.

I Love KL.

  • Food! Any Malaysian would tell you that.
  • Family and Amazing Friends
  • Large air conditioned Shopping Malls
  • Warm all year round...
  • Easy to Travel! Close to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia...the list goes on
  • Stylish People & Lifestyles
  • Celebrations & Festivities *Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali...
  • Highways

I Hate You.

  • It's just too small. Everyone knows what your up to, including your nosy relatives.
  • Expensive Groceries! (I love to cook, so this sucks)
  • Thai Food sucks here.....and I love Thai food!
  • The Men.
  • Mat Rempit (Sleezy Biker dudes/gangstas) they need their own category.
  • Apparently Bath Tubs are not in every home or apt...
  • Hot & Sticky all year round.
  • Traffic Jams

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MyBurgerLab Seapark PJ - meets the NYC standard.

I have been away from the states only a couple months now, and after feasting on lots of Malaysian staples - I find that I am yearning the simple basic American fare like salads, sandwiches and yes of course the all American classic - burgers and fries.

I have been looking high and low in chains, in mamaks and ok, maybe not McDonald's just yet. Thank goodness because I think I have found it. And let me tell you, These guys know it. They know In-and-Out, and they know shake shack. These are the west coast-east coast favorite arguable best spots for burgers in all of the US of A. Of course, I'm a New Yorker so naturally I'm going to favor my Shake Shack!

Ok let's get to the meat...MyBurgerLab ( is really Malaysia's answer to shake shack/In-N-Out) The burger patties/meat is quality premium Australian grass-fed beef, ground in house, clearly all beef and no fillers. For that alone, thank you @myBurgerLab, that's all I have been asking for!

Now, for the surprise - they have this strange black bun. Freshly made in house (love that) and they are black because of charcoal powder. I don't think the buns taste any different but I like their creativity here in trying to stand out.

Here is the bonus: they have really good, in what looks like hand cut potatoes fried coated in rosemary. The cherry on top is their special house sauce which seems to be some sort of aaoli or mayo with Sri racha or chili. Makes the perfect condiment or both burger and fries. Now, all I need is a superb, creamy milkshake and you have the perfect BFM (Burgers, Fries and Milkshake) combo! Hint, hint.

The only slight set back at MBL is the waiting time and limited quantities. Something I am all too familiar with, having waited hours to get into New York's best restaurants, so I'm not completely put off by that but I hope they fix it.

In conclusion, this joint delivers on my burger craving - super tasty, great quality ingredients and really affordable. For all of you who have never had the pleasure of shake shack or having a real good burger in the US, here is your chance, and it's right in here in a little ghetto spot in PJ - Selangor, Malaysia.

The Hangover - nuff said.
Regular Cheeseburger and Fries

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where Thai Art Thou? Bangkok Beat Bistro Empire Subang

My quest for real good Thai food in Malaysia is really depressing me. It makes me think that all those years frequenting those amazing Thai spots in NYC were all in vain, thinking that was real Thai food. Well, it's pretty darn close. After all I have been to Thailand and have had their pad Thai in the why can't I seem to find the same simple Thai dishes in Malaysia? All I'm asking for is the perfect Pad Thai!!

So this brings me to Bangkok Beat Bistro securely nested on the lower ground floor of Empire Mall in Subang sharing a row with the infamous Serai restaurant. I absolutely love the bistro/simple and rustic decor. Very New York, or very industrial. Unfortunately the food was just half okay. You know how you always test a restaurant by the most simple dish? Like if it's a Chinese place and they can't make a good Chinese fried rice then chances are the rest of the menu sucks?

Sadly, BBB misses the beat on this one. I went on 2 occasions, first was family style with Lamb Shank Massaman curry, papaya salad/Fried Soft Shell Crab, steamed fish with chili and garlic, with sides of white rice. It was pleasant but not exciting nor memorable. Simply meh. Second time, we tried the seafood pad Thai and seafood pineapple fried rice. Now these are staple dishes and are standard in all us -Thai restaurants. If you can't get this right, I really won't eat there. The dishes came colored to the nines.

Masamman Lamb Shank Curry RM20

Yes the pad Thai was a weird redish-orange color and the rice was turmeric-yellow! It reeked of food coloring!!! Why oh why would you destroy such lovely ingredients by dying it? Who is the chef? I had to hold myself back not to run to the kitchen screaming...To say the least, it did not taste any better. It was below par and not worth the RM16 price tag. If anyone has a different experience please let me know. Maybe I got the chef off duty...
Seafood Pad Thai RM16
Yellow Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice anyone? RM15

The only thing that has pleased me here is the coconut drink. Why? They have the regular coconut, yes but another one on the menu is this creamy, coconut shake - absolute yum! Think piƱa colada without the pineapple. I think I'll go back just to get that drink...seriously.

Bangkok Beat Menu:

Spicy Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab RM18.90
Strawberry and Lychee Ice Blend RM10
The only thing they got right - Blended Fresh Coconut RM10

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Burger in KL?

Shake Shack Burger 

I expected a lot coming back to Malaysia. One of them being the endless options for food. So I spent the first month just excited to taste and have all these Asian food experiences I have missed while living overseas. After awhile I was starting to feel overwhelmed by noodles and rice, and craved a real good salad or basic sandwich. Most of all - I remember having plenty of amazing juicy burgers in the city.

That is the type of food I lived on for the last 12 years. Noodles and rice were a treat and rare for lunch unless it was Thai or Chinese. So now I'm in search of the perfect burger in Malaysia, and meat is expensive here because it is imported. Unfortunately because of the expense, most burgers you find here is pumped full of binder - breadcrumbs or filler so that the final cost of the product is cheaper (less meat).

My standards are high and these are my top 3 Burgers spots in NYC, to which my burger tastings in Malaysia have to stand up to:
1. Shake Shack ( )
2. Lamb Burger at The Breslin ( )
3. The Burger joint at the La Parker Meridian hotel (

I also like my meat medium rare - believe me I learnt to appreciate this after years of ordering mine well done. You can only truly appreciate the meat when it's juicy, dripping and yes, a little bloody (eek). Sorry no offence to my vegetarian friends - I don't have it often! So when I go to places and they tell me it's already well done, that is a big no-no, found that out when I tried to order a burger at Plan B. Absolutely not!

So far, the only burgers that seem to step up to the plate are at Dome and Chilli's. Both are chains and both are a little large for my liking. Quality is not bad, but could be better. I need to taste the meat people and I mean it. Give me 80/20 in perfect unison and no fillers....where can I find you - o perfect burger??? My expat friend says Blue Cow Cafe, I must investigate....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Concrete Jungle

I was going through some old photos and realized all the fun I have had in the past few years of my life in New York City. I was surrounded by amazing people, great friends, an apartment I loved and endless things I could do and places I could see and not to mention NYC is foodie heaven. I know it sounds like a dream. It felt like I was living in a dream sometimes. I would stroll in Central Park or walk the Brooklyn Bridge and smile to myself thinking 'Wow, I can't believe I live here.'

It was not always perfect - NYC is not for everyone. It's fast-paced, it's dirty, it's dingy, people can be crazy, the train is disgusting (and always late!), the weather is bipolar and yes, it's expensive to live here. You can list plenty of negative things but that's the beauty of New York though. In all it's mess and craziness, it's an amazing city to live in - as the saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. It literally is a concrete jungle.

I have lived there for almost a decade and I will never forget NYC. It will always hold a special  place in my heart. It's like a lover that will never marry you or want kids, it was lust and excitement but non-committal. That's NYC for you. Most New Yorker's leave the city when they get a chance, an escape if you will. You will not understand this until you have lived here.

Most of my friends that I have known over the years have left the city for another life in another place - and now I have joined them and moved across the world to South East Asia in a little country I like to call my other home, Malaysia. Another jungle I have yet to explore...

To Blog or Not to the digital age.

It's taken me awhile to decide on whether or not to blog. I always thought it would be an easy and natural thing for me to do. I just never had time to do it when I lived in NYC. I was too busy living a fast-paced life with work, friends and events always taking precedence over anything else. I barely went online unless it was for work. I went online on my phone only when I had time to kill, waiting for the train or waiting for a doctor's appointment. I even did some shopping from my phone (I just love my fix). I don't think I ever powered up my computer at home.

So now, since I have all the time in the world - I thought well, why not blog? I finally have the time to do it right? I realized though that now I'm sharing my thoughts with anyone and everyone. It's personal - it's much harder to do now that I realize that.  I'm going to just take a leap of faith and share myself with generous right? Call it therapeutic. Call it motivation for the soul. Call it boredom? Let's see where it takes's going to be an adventure, maybe I'll call it trekking the internet jungle....Latte anyone?