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Best Burger in KL?

I expected a lot coming back to Malaysia. One of them being the endless options for food. So I spent the first month just excited to taste and have all these Asian food experiences I have missed while living overseas. After awhile I was starting to feel overwhelmed by noodles and rice, and craved a real good salad or basic sandwich. Most of all - I remember having plenty of amazing juicy burgers in the city.

That is the type of food I lived on for the last 12 years. Noodles and rice were a treat and rare for lunch unless it was Thai or Chinese. So now I'm in search of the perfect burger in Malaysia, and meat is expensive here because it is imported. Unfortunately because of the expense, most burgers you find here is pumped full of binder - breadcrumbs or filler so that the final cost of the product is cheaper (less meat).

My standards are high and these are my top 3 Burgers spots in NYC, to which my burger tastings in Malaysia have to stand up to:
1. Shake Shack ( http://www.sha…

Concrete Jungle

I was going through some old photos and realized all the fun I have had in the past few years of my life in New York City. I was surrounded by amazing people, great friends, an apartment I loved and endless things I could do and places I could see and not to mention NYC is foodie heaven. I know it sounds like a dream. It felt like I was living in a dream sometimes. I would stroll in Central Park or walk the Brooklyn Bridge and smile to myself thinking 'Wow, I can't believe I live here.'

It was not always perfect - NYC is not for everyone. It's fast-paced, it's dirty, it's dingy, people can be crazy, the train is disgusting (and always late!), the weather is bipolar and yes, it's expensive to live here. You can list plenty of negative things but that's the beauty of New York though. In all it's mess and craziness, it's an amazing city to live in - as the saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. It literally is a concrete ju…

To Blog or Not to the digital age.

It's taken me awhile to decide on whether or not to blog. I always thought it would be an easy and natural thing for me to do. I just never had time to do it when I lived in NYC. I was too busy living a fast-paced life with work, friends and events always taking precedence over anything else. I barely went online unless it was for work. I went online on my phone only when I had time to kill, waiting for the train or waiting for a doctor's appointment. I even did some shopping from my phone (I just love my fix). I don't think I ever powered up my computer at home.

So now, since I have all the time in the world - I thought well, why not blog? I finally have the time to do it right? I realized though that now I'm sharing my thoughts with anyone and everyone. It's personal - it's much harder to do now that I realize that.  I'm going to just take a leap of faith and share myself with generous right? Call it therapeutic. Call it motivat…