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Travel to Cuba

If there is one country on everyone's list, It's going to be Cuba. Why Cuba? It's the forbidden land. It's the place that we are not allowed to go because our government decided on embargo once upon a time ..but we all want to go there because it's mysterious and I did. 

I went to Cuba in November of 2015 - thanksgiving weekend.

The streets are rustic, the people are somehow smiling and happy despite the darkness that looms in the shadows behind them. The sound of music and laughter fills the air in the night as we walk along narrow streets with tables scattered by the sidewalks with people dancing and bands playing a cheerful tune. 

This country has been through a lot and you can see it. It's painted on the walls, it's written on the sidewalks. Just walk into any of the few bodegas and you will see the bare shelves with the simple necessities: oil, eggs, and rice. These are just a few of the very limited things that cubans can obtain - prorated …